Project Queen Avenue

A deliverance of LED strip lights for custom made wardrobes to a client in Aldershot involved several steps; from project planning to final installation, Praetorius assisted delivering on time a timeless work of art.

Praetorius electrical Queen Avenue, Aldershot, UK

Project Phases

Phase 1

A meeting with the client is arranged to discuss their requirements and preferences for their choice of LED strip lights in their custom-built wardrobes.

This wardrobe design was created by Viesenkopf & Sons. Having partnered with them, we understood their design preferences, color choices, and budget constraints to deliver the right LED that compliments.

Phase 2

After consultation and colour choice, high-quality LED strips that meet the client's specifications are selected. Considering factors like color temperature, brightness, and smart lighting options if desired.

Phase 3

Ensuring the wardrobes are ready for installation, Install of wiring and power outlets in designated areas, ensuring all electrical work complies with local building codes and safety standards.

Phase 4

Careful inspection of the entire installation is carried to ensure it meets the client's expectations and is free of defects. Following which, a gaurantee is issued to provide an aftercare system in place.

Phase 5

After revealing the finished project, a presention is delivered to the client of the completed project demonstrating the functionality of the LED strip lights including any control systems built in.


Post-Installation Support

Offer post-installation support to address any issues or questions that may arise after the project is completed.

Project Closure

Final Payment

Collect the final payment from the client if it hasn't been done already.

Marketing and Referrals

Client Referrals

If the client is satisfied with the project, request referrals or testimonials that can be used for future marketing efforts.

Client Satisfaction


Encourage the client to provide feedback on the project and address any concerns or issues they may have.

Maintenance and Warranty

Warranty Period

Ensure the client understands the warranty terms and provide ongoing maintenance services if necessary.

This comprehensive process ensures that the custom-built LED strip lights are successfully delivered and installed in the client's wardrobes in Aldershot, resulting in a satisfied customer and potentially generating referrals for future projects.

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