Night Shift Transformation: The Coffee Gallery House

Nestled on Peascod Street in Windsor, Just outside Windsor Castle, The recently opened Coffee Gallery House is a haven for coffee lovers and tourists alike.

However, it was clear the cherished Gallery was in dire a significant electrical upgrade. Thanks to the team at Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd, we catered to our clients’ needs and undertook the project during a night shift, thus ensuring minimal disruption to this unique coffee shop.

Commercial Project Peascod Street, Windsor, UK electrical upgradeCommercial Project Peascod Street, Windsor, UK electrical upgrade


The Need for a Consumer Unit Change

Before, the Coffee Gallery House had been struggling with an outdated consumer unit. This old system struggled to handle the increasing electrical load drawn from the kitchen appliances and future demand from customers, posing safety risks and causing frequent outages.

Understanding the critical need for a reliable and safe electrical setup, the coffee shop owners turned to Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd for the solution.

Why Choose a Night Shift?

At Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd, we prioritize our clients’ convenience. Conducting the consumer unit change during a night shift allowed The Coffee Gallery House to operate as usual during the day. This strategic scheduling minimized downtime and ensured the upgrade did not interfere with the shop’s business hours.

Initial Preparation:

Having conducted a detailed assessment of the existing electrical setup in place, many potential hazards were Identified requiring needing immediate attention.

Developing a detailed plan, we determined a double stacked consumer unit with correct protection, such as double pole RCBOs and Surge protection, would provide our clients and their customers the peace of mind regarding electrical safety and eliminating any threat of disruption.

This was further reinforced by coordinating with the shop owners to schedule the work during off-peak hours.

Night Shift Begins

Safe isolation of the redundant consumer units was undertaken with preparing each circuit to be labelled and their determined RCBO protective devices matched accordingly.

With the 1st phase completed, the new double stack consumer unit with its proposed safety devices and promptly undergone testing of all circuits thus ensuring compliance with all safety standards.

Upon completion of quoted works, our clients are provided with a comprehensive overview of the new system. This not only reinforces our clients’ needs to mind but to help educate and familiarise with the changes undertaken. Offered ongoing support and maintenance services are provided to ensure long-term safety and efficiency.

A Safer and More Reliable Coffee Shop

The Coffee Gallery House now boasts a compliant consumer unit that not only meets but exceeds current safety standards. This upgrade ensures a reliable power supply, allowing the shop to continue serving and no longer be hindered by electrical power cuts. The owners and its clients can now enjoy peace of mind, knowing the electrical system is safe and efficient.

The successful completion at The Coffee Gallery House is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our team at Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd.

By working during the night shift, we ensured the coffee shop’s operations were undisturbed, thus saving time and highlighting our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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