Project Motts Hill Lane, Epsom, UK

Presenting a beautiful garden LED lighting installation in the secluded garden of Motts hill in time for Christmas 2023.

We discovered the warm white LED variant provides the garden just the correct degree of atmosphere in the winter evenings whilst provision of sufficient lighting to enjoy the spacious garden.

Praetorius electrical services projects Motts Hill Lane, Epsom, UK

Our steel wire armoured (SWA) further provides a degree of protection against gardening tools and the elements which can be detrimental to the installations condition. However, with these factors already in mind, correct protection was provided via correct level of electrical protection such as overload and RCD.

The inclusion of a time switch compliments the ever-changing evening times with direct mechanical operation to be set by the client to suit their preferences or simple maintenance needs.

Our further addition of a floodlight situated on the bench swing aids in lighting the garden for daily purposes or for security features.

Whilst on site, our electrical contractors also managed to further investigate ground lights that were faulty and as such, was replaced with smaller LED lamp variants. The addition of these lights complimented the main house at the front to ignite a warm atmosphere and visual appeal.

We took great pride with our final project for 2023. Garden lighting is a personal favourite of ours and we never fail to create a timeless piece of electrical art especially in time for Christmas.
However, this is not limited to seasonal holidays as this can even brighten seasons all year through.


Post-Installation Support

Offer post-installation support to address any issues or questions that may arise after the project is completed.

Project Closure

Final Payment

Collect the final payment from the client if it hasn't been done already.

Marketing and Referrals

Client Referrals

If the client is satisfied with the project, request referrals or testimonials that can be used for future marketing efforts.

Client Satisfaction


Encourage the client to provide feedback on the project and address any concerns or issues they may have.

Maintenance and Warranty

Warranty Period

Ensure the client understands the warranty terms and provide ongoing maintenance services if necessary.

This comprehensive process ensures that the custom-built LED strip lights are successfully delivered and installed in the client's wardrobes in Aldershot, resulting in a satisfied customer and potentially generating referrals for future projects.

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