Akiko, Knaphill & Bramley, UK

In the contemporary commercial landscape, sustainability drives innovation. Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure emerges as a pivotal component in this shift. Praetorius is proud to be at the forefront, offering cutting edge EV charging installations and other renewable technologies for commercial businesses and developments. The following details into how Praetorius collaborated with Akiko at their home office in Bramley and extended our services to Knaphill, to revolutionise their properties with state-of-the-art EV charging solutions.


Corporate EV Sustainability: Bramley, Surrey, UK

Seeking to expand their sustainability initiatives, Akiko reached out with Praetorius to survey, install and certify EV chargers at their home office in Bramley. From initial approval to the commissioning phase, Praetorius executed the comprehensive project, incorporating a designated EV distribution board and two 7.4 kW BG tethered units. The BG EV units came equipped with multiple built-in features suitable for businesses such as tailored load management capabilities for maintaining power demand and, through the BG app, reliable means to determine consumption and costs towards charging their EV fleet.

Akiko’s EV Supplement: Knaphill, Surrey, UK

As part of extended works, Praetorius was entrusted to undertake our services at an Akiko team members property with their own EV charger. We installed a BG 7.4 kW EV charger, untethered variant, integrated with load management capabilities and a BG EV distribution board. These solutions were meticulously selected for their user-friendly design, seamless integration, and advanced energy monitoring features, perfectly aligning with Akiko’s sustainability goals.

By partnering with Praetorius, businesses like Akiko demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and innovation. These EV charging installations not only enhance corporate sustainability initiatives but also attract like minded clientele and bring together a community. Praetorius’ seamless integration of EV infrastructure future-proofs commercial properties, positioning them at the forefront of the evolving mobility landscape.

Praetorius strives to continue to lead in delivering cutting-edge EV charging solutions for commercial developments. Partnering with businesses like Akiko, Praetorius drives the transition towards sustainable transportation infrastructure, paving the way for a green, more efficient future.

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Our Work

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Project Phases

Our meticulous and swift approach to delivering EV charging solutions encompasses several essential phases:

Phase 1

Survey and Planning

We commence every project with a thorough survey, assessing characteristics such as earthing arrangements, charger locations, and sizing of electrical components. This detailed planning ensures an optimised installation process tailored to our clients’ needs.

Phase 2

Coordination with DNO

Once planning and approval is complete, we coordinate with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). This collaborative effort ensures regulatory compliance and seamless project execution with great potential to upgrade existing services whilst renewable technology works are undertaken.

Phase 3

EV Installation

Safety is paramount and our top priority. Before any installation work begins, we notify staff and implement safe isolation procedures. Only once live circuits are confirmed to be dead do we commence our installation works. Our approved contractors carry out the installation of designated EV distribution boards and chargers meticulously working to the scope of quoted works as efficiently and swiftly. Thorough inspections follow to identify and rectify any issues, ensuring optimal functionality.

Phase 4

Testing and Commissioning

Comprehensive testing procedures are conducted to verify compliance with electrical standards. We also provide detailed operational walkthroughs, including app pairing, to ensure our clients are equipped to use the EV chargers effectively. Incorporating these phases ensures that our EV charging solutions are delivered efficiently, meeting current standards, and future-proofing our clients’ businesses and properties.

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