Renewable Energy Solutions

Embracing sustainability and renewable energy is crucial in today's world. We are proud to offer cutting-edge renewable energy solutions. Our expertise in solar panel installations, battery solutions, and electric vehicle (EV) car chargers empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace a greener future.

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Solar Panels​

Harness solar renewable energy for your home or business to assist becoming net zero and promote sustainability.

As a business, a government grant can be offered due to the paybacks that producing your own energy delivers.

Considering the current fluctuating energy prices, investing in solar PV allows you to take control of future energy costs.

Furthermore, as part of the governments green deal offered to homes, a loan can be offered via a grant scheme to assist becoming net zero and saving energy.

At Praetorius, our solar panel installations are customized to meet your energy needs and help save on electricity tariffs. In the paragraph below, we have presented the difference in each panel type to further guide your decision.

Mono-Crystalline cells, which can be denoted by their matt black appearance, are the preferred choice for our solar projects as these possess a 15-24% conversion of light to electrical efficiency.

Other variations, such as the Poly-Crystalline (denoted by a light blue appearance) offer a 12-14% conversion rate and the Amorphous Silicon cells (denoted by a brown appearance) offer 6-8%, are not considered on our projects.

This can greatly determine the resale back to the electrical grid or electrical storage in battery solutions in place which can provide off peak electrical consumption.

Our choice of solar brands such as Sunsync and Canadian solar have been meticulously thought out and considered. Offering these selected inverters and solar panels as part of a contemporary package provides the best output and return on energy generation.

Battery Solutions

Store excess energy generated from your mains, solar panels or electric vehicle for use during cloudy days or peak consumption hours.

Positives to battery storage solutions include:

- Ancillary services (Supporting local electrical grid.)
- Reduce carbon footprint.
- Self-consumption of user generated electricity.
- Back up or alternative means of supply.

Our advanced battery solutions ensure your home or business have a reliable and uninterrupted power supply whilst providing sustainability alongside return on investments through payback to the electrical grid.

EV Car Chargers

As the United Kingdom begins to implement steps becoming net zero, electric cans and vans has become an essential step in this endeavour. So much so, Praetorius has begun to transition with a 0% emission fleet.

As a business owner, you can receive government backed grants reclaiming up to 75% of the total purchase of a charger.

We ensure EV charging is convenient and easy regardless at your home or business. This is achieved with our in-depth surveys which will delve deeper into your requirements and choice of charger that can range from a variety of options from colour and finish, option of no lead or with a lead attached and directly mounted on the wall or a post.

Our preferred choice, Simpson & Partners, offer a variety of these options. Praetorius have provided countless chargers to the heart of Surrey and surrounding areas eliminating range anxiety and promoting electric mobility with confidence.

Enquire further to discover what Praetorius can offer further.

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