Project Tesla

Tesla EV Charger Installations for a business in Guildford (Surrey) Project.

The project involved the installation of Teslas Electric Vehicle (EV) Wall charger units for some of our clients in the heart of Surrey.

The project aims to promote a reduction in carbon emissions by providing convenient access to renewable energy EV charging whilst also providing benefits to businesses and individuals.

Praetorius Electical Services Hannah Gardens, Guildford, UK

Project Phases

Phase 1

Upon meeting with clients, our project begins with an initial consultation with clients to understand their specific requirements whilst assessing the suitability of their property for the EV charger installation.

This phase involves evaluating factors such as electrical supply, parking space availability, location of charger, presence of correct protection and client preferences.

Phase 2

Upon a detailed survey, permission is sought from the local electrical authority based in the area for the alteration in demand.

The project team ensures that all necessary permits and regulatory requirements are met. This involves liaising with local authorities such as the distribution network operative (DNO) to obtain the required approvals for charger installation.

Phase 3

The EV chargers are installed at the designated locations set out upon the survey. Proper wiring, mounting, and connectivity are ensured to guarantee safe and efficient charging.

Phase 4

The installed chargers undergo testing to ensure they meet Tesla's quality and performance standards whilst adhearing to BS7671 2020 (as of to date) regulations.

This includes testing continuity and insulation values of cables, charging speeds, connectivity, and safety features such as emergency cutoff and set loads to charge to.

Phase 5

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance services are provided to ensure the chargers operate efficiently and safely.

As such, necessary repairs or updates are to be reported and carried out promptly.

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