Project Bernard Boutique, Esher, UK

Maintenance works was requested by Bernard’s Boutique regarding replacement of faulty luminaires and inspection of existing fittings.

Praetorius electrical services projects Bernard Boutique, Esher, UK

After liaising with the branch manager, a survey was undertaken immediately, to ensure no delays or interruptions to operations for the store.

Components of the existing luminaires were replaced in the store via installation of new lamps.

Various luminaires, however, required complete replacement. This problem was resolved by installing LED variants which provided a much brighter atmosphere and significant energy savings as GU10 LED lamps were installed to replace the halogen fittings.

With these changes, the installation of LED lamps resulted in the following:
∘ Improved Energy efficiency.
∘ Longer-life span.
∘ Reduced maintenance costs.
∘ Ease of Integration.
∘ Brighter luminaries with almost no heat.


Post-Installation Support

Offer post-installation support to address any issues or questions that may arise after the project is completed.

Project Closure

Final Payment

Collect the final payment from the client if it hasn't been done already.

Marketing and Referrals

Client Referrals

If the client is satisfied with the project, request referrals or testimonials that can be used for future marketing efforts.

Client Satisfaction


Encourage the client to provide feedback on the project and address any concerns or issues they may have.

Maintenance and Warranty

Warranty Period

Ensure the client understands the warranty terms and provide ongoing maintenance services if necessary.

This comprehensive process ensures that the custom-built LED strip lights are successfully delivered and installed in the client's wardrobes in Aldershot, resulting in a satisfied customer and potentially generating referrals for future projects.

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