Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We are based in Surrey, covering a vast area as far as Basingstoke to Gravesend.
How much do surveys / estimates cost?
Nothing! free of charge to provide an accurate quote tailored to your project.
How can i get in touch?
Contact us section, email support.
Do you specialise in only renewables?
We cover renewables, domestic, commercial, test and inspection and maintenance works.
How much does a rewire cost?

Depends on the full scale of the project followed closely by aspects such as number of electrical accessories, number of circuits, size of the property, future proofing like a garden project later down the line etc.

Cancellations policies?
A notification of 48 hours must be made in regards to cancellations, rebooking's and alterations otherwise the deposit to confirm initial booking will be retained.
When is payment due?
Upon issue of the invoice
What if i want additional work whilst engineers are already undertaking a project?
Simply contact us via email to arrange a survey and deliver a new quote based on these additions.
How much does a Solar PV Install cost?
The cost of an install can range between £3,000 - £7,000 dependant on size, type. A true cost can be determined via a solar assesment to provide an accurate estimate.

Contact Us

The best way to have a tailored answer is to contact us directly via contact us section.