In a rapid changing world where renewable energy isn’t just important but essential, Praetorius Electrical Services stands at the forefront, offering advanced EV charging options from three industry-leading brands. Understanding there are a vast number of options to consider, we have complied a Praetorius curated list of three of our preferred chargers we deem the best for your business and home.

Our curated selection, featuring brands, such as, Simpson & Partners, Myenergi Zappi and Andersen EV ensures that our clients are equipped with the latest and sustainable future-proof technologies. The following list details and outlines these EV chargers in meticulous detail.

Our Choice of Chargers – Leading the Charge

Simpson & Partners:

With a focus on combining personalised style with sustainability, these chargers are designed to be fully customised with the client’s aesthetic choice in mind. Their home series offer up to 112 different colour combinations with sustainably sourced Accoya wood and bespoke metal lids to select from.

Through the S&P app and with their wired/wireless energy manager, harmonize with existing renewable setups in place via monitoring usage at home, helping you manage costs or as a business to download reports to offset as a business expense.

Working in conjunction with Octopus, multiple tariffs can be selected to potentially save a significant amount of your energy bills.

Myenergi Zappi Range:

A titan in the market, through its seamless integration with Myenergi products such as, the Harvi energy monitor, Libbi inverter for solar and battery solutions, maximizes the use of micro-generation making your EV a key part of both home and business.

As part of the Myenergi family, through the government incentive towards renewable technologies as of February 2024, no VAT is applied to the Zappi range if used in conjunction with the Libbi battery solution setup. Thus, making the swap to going green much easier than ever.

Low-cost EV charging all thanks to Intelligent Octopus Go providing multiple tariffs and automations making it as efficient as possible in both savings and management.

Andersen EV:

One of the UK’s premium chargers crafted with the highest quality materials on the market seamlessly integrating with modern or past architecture.

Andersen’s concierge service is a no obligation, free of charge service upon purchase of their charger providing a wealth of support through set up, optimisation for your home or business and low-cost monitoring.

Despite Andersen’s compact size, vast features include an easy to access hidden plug compartment to ensure safe storage of its Evoflek cable. Thus, providing a discreet yet aesthetically pleasing design at home or at the workplace.

As mentioned, the renewable energy landscape is changing rapidly, and with it, the way we fuel our vehicles.

Praetorius Electrical Services is not just responding to this change; we are proactively contributing to it by providing you access to the best EV chargers on the market and here to help guide you in this transition.

Our commitment to renewable energy is as strong as our commitment to our customers, ensuring that every charge is a step toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Why not book a survey today for your EV charger installation with Praetorius Electrical Services.

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Written by Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd
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