Renewable Energy Solutions

Embracing sustainability and renewable energy is crucial in today’s world. At Praetorius, we understand this importance and take pride in delivering renewable solutions with our renewable energy electricians.

We are proud to offer high quality renewable technologies which provide a wealth of benefits making your investment worthwhile. Our expertise in solar panel installations, battery solutions, and electric vehicle (EV) car chargers empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace a greener future.

Solar Panels​

  • Average duration for installing residential: 1-2 days.
  • Average duration for installing commercial: 3-10 days.

At Praetorius, we tailor our solar panel designs to meet your specific
requirements, enabling your installation to be as efficient as possible, which in turn, can lower energy costs and consumption effectively. Take control of your energy by harnessing solar renewable energy for your home or business, promoting sustainability, and moving towards becoming net zero.

Our initial solar assessments will determine multiple factors such as: the pitch, orientation, shading, consumption, size, and function of the array. These assessments are key to providing you the most accurate estimate and most crucially an efficient solar array. Considering fluctuating energy prices, investing in solar PV not only offers immediate benefits but also secures your future energy costs. As of February 2024, when paired with an electrical energy storage system or simply put battery solution, 0% VAT is applied helping lower the initial investment into solar.

We use only the highest quality solar manufacturers and materials such as Enphase, Solax, Solaredge, GivEnergy, Longi, JA Solar, etc, which gives us the full advantage of keeping you up to date with the latest solar technologies increasing efficiency of your array and significantly lower your energy bill. Through multiple projects and testimonials, the team at Praetorius aims to continue delivering bespoke projects and making a positive impact towards a sustainable future.

Book a consultation, and begin your journey into solar with our renewable energy electricians.

Battery Solutions

  • Average duration for installing residential: 1-2 days.
  • Average duration for installing commercial: 3-10 days.

Battery solutions provide the answer to storing excess energy from your solar
array or electrical grid. This solution provides two options to use for self-
consumption or to act as an ancillary system for use as off-peak electrical
energy. As part of the government initiative, set in February 2024, 0% VAT is offered to all renewable technologies when an energy storage device is installed in situ. This means if purchased in situ with solar or an EV, this offer extends to those renewable technologies thus providing huge opportunities into making an investment in solar and EV charging retrospectively.

Our preferred brands include Enphase, Myenergi, GivEnergy, Sonnen and
SolarEdge. These manufacturers are reputable and well established to suit your renewable needs or intergration for your existing electrical installation. Secure an assessment for your home and see solutions in energy storage with our renewable energy electricians.

EV Battery solar energy electrician surrey hampshire

EV Car Chargers

Moreover, as the United Kingdom begins to implement steps towards becoming net zero, electric cars and vans have become an essential component of this endeavour. So much so, Praetorius has begun transitioning with a 0% emission fleet.

As a business owner, you can receive government-backed grants, reclaiming up to 75% of the total purchase of a charger.

We ensure EV charging is convenient and easy, whether at your home or business. This is achieved through our in-depth surveys, which delve deeper into your requirements and choices of charger. Options range from colour and finish to the option of no lead or with a lead attached, and can be directly mounted on the wall or a post.

Our preferred choice, Simpson & Partners, offer a variety of these options. Praetorius has provided countless chargers to the heart of Surrey and surrounding areas, eliminating range anxiety and promoting electric mobility with confidence.

Enquire further to discover what Praetorius can offer.


Hear from our clients what they have to say about Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd and our services.

“I was contacted within minutes of placing in the request on Checkatrade.

Praetorius Electical Services arrived promptly to provide a quotation for the work.

The quote was detailed and competitive. We agreed on changes and quick adjustments were made almost in real-time!

Regarding the works, on time at the agreed time of works and immediately began upon arrival.

Workmanship was first rate and used quality components.

The senior electrician was highly professional and courteous. He kept me informed of progress, issues and finished the job within the agreed time frame.

I am very happy with the work and would totally recommend Praetorius!”

Gordon, Esher, UK
“We had just moved in to our new home and the electrics were all over the place.

Praetorius Electrical Services walked us through our options, so we could customise the house to our liking.

They replaced our lights, sockets, and fuseboard. Praetorius provided a highly professional service and I would thoroughly recommend speaking to Billy before you start work in your home.”

Edward, Walton-On-Thames, UK
“I highly recommend Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd to everyone.

Although the work was already done, whenever I have a question or i require any advice, he is always there for us and gives prompt replies.

He is not just very professional but also a very freindly person. Billy has explained everything about the whole processand also supplied great customer service after the work.

I was about to purchase my first house and to be on the safe side, I required an EICR. I came across Praetorius Electrical Services Ltd and to be honest, this has been one of the top services i have recieved in the UK.”

Altan, West Molesey, UK
“I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Praetorius Electrical Services to anyone.

Billys consistent communication and dedication to ensuring our satisfaction at every stage of the project were truly commendable.

Billys professionalism and expertise were truly remarkable. From initial discussions about our options to his meticulous workmanship during the installation, his attention to detail was exceptional.

I had the pleasure of working with Billy from Praetorius Electrical Services for several projects including preparing my kitchen for new appliances, installing a new fuseboard and conducting a full home survey.”

Aleksandras, Dorking, UK
A very professional service!

I would highly recommend his company for other mobile traders like myself, or indeed any other businesses requiring electrical support.

Billy arrived on time and everything was communicated to me via email in advance. He was polite, professional and completed the required work swiftly and with confidence.

I contacted Praetorius Electrical in order to have my mobile vintage coffee trailer PAT Tested earlier this year (2023).

Camilla, Weybridge, UK

Our Commitment to You

  • At Praetorius, we aim to deliver your project on time with trust and reassurance from our competent electricians ready to answer any queries you may have.

  • Our team is driven by a passion for creating electrical installations that not only meet functional requirements but also innovation through the latest electrical products and stunning interior design.

  • From a full renovation of your home to a commercial corporate office installation project, we approach each undertaking with dedication, creativity and precision.

  • As one of our clients, you deserve nothing but the best, and that’s precisely what we offer – from integration of cutting-edge renewable technology, personalised interior design and project management, Praetorius is at your side.

Expertise and Experience

With over 10 years of electrical experience in the domestic and commercial sectors, our team of skilled electricians has the knowledge and proficiency to handle any electrical project.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize our customers’ requirements, attention to detail, and go the extra mile to exceed expectations, delivering high quality services with a friendly and professional approach.

Safety and Compliance

Your safety is our utmost priority. We ensure all our electricians possess JIB gold card and adhere to all safety regulations and BS7671 standards to ensure that your electrical systems are safe and reliable.


Embracing renewable energy solutions reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We aim to help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner planet.